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Two Quadrant phase controlled DC motor drive -- Current control
This model simulates current control of DC motor using three phase fully controlled rectifier. Basically it is a two quadrant converter which is controlling a DC motor.
May 31st 2013 Shareware    10k
Motion Detection with Image Acquisition Toolbox & Simulink
This demo is an example of using the Image Acqisition Toolbox from within Simulink. The Image Acquisition Toolbox is called via a MATLAB Function block to return a frame of data. The Signal Processing Blockset is used to analyze the ...
June 2nd 2013 Shareware    10k
FUll bridge DC DC converter with bipolar voltage
A simple DC DC bridge converter is used . it has a bipolar voltage switching thorough PWM. These kinds of converters are 4 quadrant converters
March 22nd 2013 Shareware    10k
Vectorized geodetic distance and azimuth on the WGS84 earth ellipsoid
In 1975, Vincenty published a rapidly converging algorithm for computing the distance between points on an ellipsoidal earth. The algorithm is precise to within a few millimeters. Since then, his algorithm has since seen significant implementation in geodesy and engineering. ...
April 29th 2013 Free    10k
Javascript Post-its
This simple script allows you to add inline, clickable comments to your webpages without using up any space. The visitor can just click on a hyperlink, and view any sidenotes you wished to make - much like a footnote. You ...
February 7th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Fixed-Point ATAN2 using CORDIC
This demo consists of a m-file script (fixed_point_atan2_using_cordic.m) and a m-file function (atan2_fixpt.m). The script contains a step-by-step explanation of how a four quadrant arctan can be calculated using a CORDIC (COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) algorithm. The first part shows ...
June 8th 2013 Free    10k
Syntax: [HANDLES,DATA] = WIND_ROSE(D,I,VARARGIN) Inputs: D Directions I Intensities VARARGIN: -dtype, type of input directions D, standard or meteo, if meteo, the conversion dnew=mod(-90-D,360) is done; if not meteo, standard is used (default) -n, number of D subdivisons -di, intensities ...
January 13th 2013 Shareware    10k
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Lens - DragMag
The best seller"Lens-DragMag"program is an extremely useful utilitythat allow you to magnify a desired portion of the screen by handydragging sized regions on the screen.You can also magnify the screen like a real movable lens does.You can also Copy, Save ...
May 24th 2003   4 stars 150k
The Occasus Experiment
As the best fighter pilot in this quadrant it is up to you to deal with the situation. The organism must be destroyed before it can begin to spread. Good luck. The future of our civilisation may be in your ...
January 3rd 2004     3,164k
Personal Motivation Calendar
Personal Motivation Calendar is simple and easy-to-use software. It helps to monitor your life flow with an uncompromising your-life-only calendar and a helpful 100-hour clock. It provides an effective approach to organizing tasks and setting priorities with a classical four-quadrant ...
February 13th 2007   5 stars 1,543k
Chess Training Tools
Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools. It includes a chess visualization trainer that teaches chess visualization by drilling you on the color of a particular square, and also on your ability to tell if two squares ...
November 26th 2011     369k
Flash Games Collection for Windows
A cool collection of eight cute games. Avid gamblers can try their luck in Poker and Black Jack. The fans of sport games can play Volleyball, Basketball and Air Hockey. Quadrant and Sliding Puzzle are for those who like to ...
July 13th 2011     1k
DesignCAD is a versatile and easy-to-use 2D drafting program, perfect for first time CAD Users. DesignCAD includes a full complement of 2D drafting and design tools. DesignCAD produces accurately scaled architectural and mechanical drawings allowing you to create, edit, scale, ...
July 20th 2011      
Directional Drilling
The Directional Drilling Survey provides the control of directional drilling of oil wells with calculations and plotting of well planning and survey data in vertical section, plan and x-y-z views to help technicians, drillers, tool pushers and engineers of the ...
April 19th 2013     1,229k
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